A thorough review of iimo - the most outstanding outlook folding tricycle


By Hero Mother

Brand Introduction

iimo is known as the first life aesthetic children's tricycle in Japan. The brand's slogan is dedicated to every new era family who knows how to enjoy life. iimo was born for a new generation of families, designed to meet the highest safety standard, using high-quality materials, allow children have the joy of dreams, to meet the dreams of every parent and child.

Brand Characteristics

1. Unique Design

The first generation iimo TRICYCLE #01 was released on April 15, 2010. Once it was released, it was widely available and won the Best Children's Product Award in the same year. At present, the whole line has been updated. The new iimo is a modern version of the original version. It combines the retro look with modern cool colors. It is designed for young explorers. It encourages children to go out and discover the beauty of the world.

2. Smooth Ride 

Whether it's going to a shopping mall or a park, iimo is the perfect solution. With its wheels, it ensures the smoothest ride. Excellent damper wheels and one-hand steering control ensure smooth maneuverability from anywhere. The new iimo is also equipped with a pedal lock system that prevents children's feet from being trapped when they are unable to ride their own tricycle.

3. Extra Comfort 

iimo is equipped with a soft and ergonomic saddle to ensure that your child can experience cycling in a comfortable environment and is equipped with folding pedals. In addition to putting the needs of children first, the comfort of the parent is equally important. The push handle is designed to accommodate the height of the parent and is easily controlled with one hand.

4. Safety Standard

The iimo tricycle meets the European standard EN-71 safety requirements. Equipped with a soft safety bar that is easy to switch, it is convenient for children to get in and out, prevent them from falling when they are too small to ride. Safety is also reflected in the front wheel's pedal locking system to prevent the child's feet from being trapped by the pedals. When you are not ready to continue riding, you can stop the tricycle with the rear wheel locker.

5. Special Extraordinary Value

iimo is designed for everyday life and is durable. From generation to generation, you can explore the world from an iimo tricycle, which is why they use durable materials to accommodate for your child's different stages of growth.

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Instructions for use

Subject age: 1.5 years old - 4 years old, suitable for height 77cm-100cm

Expanded size is 78(L) x 42(W) x 83(H) cm

Folded size is 42 (L) x 42 (W) x 69 (H) cm

Weight: 7kg

Out of the box experience

The second generation iimo tricycle official website has three basic colors to choose from, comfort brown, gentle white and eternity red. We received red, exactly the color I wanted. Although brown looks more expensive. . .

The picture is from the official website, the copyright belongs to the original author

There are also a variety of limited macaron colors available on the US official website.
Image from, copyright belongs to the original author


Because the tricycle can be folded, the box is not too big, nor heavy, I can easily pick it up in my home in minutes. Originally I thought that the tricycle could be seen when the box was opened. I didn’t expect that there was another brand of box inside, like the Russian doll. In order not to destroy the beauty of completeness, I finally took unpack with undamaged boxes and it takes for a while.

My dog played a proportional role. The box is smaller than the dog.


Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author

The tricycle is design in Japan and made in Taiwan.

Image from @Hero Mother, The two packaging boxes are tightly fitted together. Both packages are almost perfect without any damage.
Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author


It is said that the first generation has a lot of scattered parts after unpacking, and it needs to be assembled one by one. The second generation consists of only two parts, which is equivalent to no need to install, just add the push rod.

My kid's Daddy heard that he didn't need to install it, and he was relieved that my son could play without waiting for him to go home. I also bought the Radio Flyer 4-in-1 Stroll 'N Trike (hereinafter referred to as RF), which my husband used to spend the whole afternoon to complete the assembly.

Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author


The comparison between the iimo and RF two cars is as follows. Whether it's a front view or a side view, iimo is a lot smaller than RF. Very suitable for small-sized families, when not in use, the storage room can be placed on the shelf.


Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author

Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author


  • Push rod

The push rod installation is extremely simple, just insert it and screw it on again. Small tip: Before inserting, fully loosen the screw cap, insert it and tighten it. I was lazy at first, didn't completely pick it up, I couldn't insert the push bar, and I was so stupid.

Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author
  • Folding button

The one-button folding of the car relies entirely on this knob. It can be done with one push and one push. Small tip: First lift the fence to the car to start. To fold back, you have to pick it up first and then put it back.

Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author
Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author
  • Pedal

The pedals are a very good design. When the child is young, it is not enough for the tricycle's ankles, or if you are tired and want to rest, this retractable pedal is very practical. Small tip: The pedal is opened by a spring lock, and it is easy to fold when the position is found. Opening and closing are the same method.

Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author
Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author
Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author

I bought the RF for a while, discovered that there was no foot pedal. When I first used it, my son was small, and the foot scorpion swayed in the air, and I didn't feel anything. Later, it was slightly higher, but it was not able to go to the ankle when it was a bug. Every time I stepped on the front wheel, I was tired when I stepped on it, and became a vulture and a distressed sole. So for a while, I didn’t have a bike ride. I wanted to say that I could wait until he was high enough to step on the ankle.

However, the new generation has been innovated. In addition to the addition of pedals on the official website, you can also choose the style of the basket, seat belt, etc. It is very interesting and the price is fair.

Image from, copyright belongs to the original author

  • Safety Bar

The safety bar and the seat are all leather, in addition to beauty and comfort, the safety is better. In case of sudden braking, the small belly will not hurt if it hits the fence. My son is quite naughty but still I feel safe for him with the safety bar. The safety bar is also a one-button opening and closing.


Even if it is a naughty child, with this safety bar, parents don't have to worry about the child falling. And like the baggage (12.4kg) stood up, the car is still stable.

Image from Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author

The only downside is that the child must be taken in. I tried to put it on top of my head and it didn't work. The first generation was opened from the side and it was very convenient. Once the child is seated, it will be buckled from the side.

One or two generation safety fence comparison.jpg
Image from, copyright belongs to the original author

However, with my existing IQ, I thought a little about it. For the folded car, it seems that the side switch cannot be done. . .

The RF car, in addition to the baby's safety fence, has an extra seat belt. Even if the safety bar is removed, the naughty boy can be firmly held, and the trouble of the parents holding it can be avoided.

Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author
  • Storage bucket

There is also a small compartment behind the car that can hold a cup or something. I prefer the RF cup position, which is more convenient for the children to use. I also like the compartment with the lid, go out and walk the dog, I put the door key and the phone into it. Because there is a cover, I never worry about falling out.



Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author



Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author

  • Horn/Bell

I don't think there are any special function for the little bell. Still hope that this position will be replaced by a cup slot.

Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author
  • Front wheel lock

Front wheel lock is also a feature unique to the second generation. After pressing the button, the foot will not rotate with the rhythm of the parent's control, and the child can control his own speed.  For the first time, I walked very fast my son was not able to keep up with my speed, he was not able to step on the pedal properly,  and he didn't want to ride again. Suddenly I remembered this great function. . . I had to wait for a few days for my son to to forget about it and train him again.

Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author

Use experience

Received on Tuesday, dragged to Thursday to open the box. Because the weather has been cloudy, the first test experience was completed at the front of our house.

Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author
Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author

The push handle is very easy to use. I pull the dog leash in one handcart and it doesn't matter if I take a picture. Pay a little attention when turning, and if the speed is too high, it will be easy to roll over. . .

Photo 2019-6-6 19 22 13.jpg
Image from @Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author

Because the RF itself is bigger and wider, the joystick is a handle on both sides, which seems to be more comfortable, more stable, and relatively easier to operate for parents.

Image from @英雄母, copyright belongs to the original author

On weekends, the company has Summer Bash, just took the baby and took the car to the farm. Putting it into the trunk of our small broken car is a bit embarrassing. Even another mountain buggy cart that doesn't occupy the place can't fit, and can only be placed in the back seat. But the SUV is not a problem at all.

Image from Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author

Easy to open and close.

Open .gif
Image from Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author
Folding .gif
Image from Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author

Try on all kinds of roads without pressure.



Image from Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author

Pavement - plank.gif


Image from Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author

Pavement - uneven cement.gif

Cement speed bump

Image from Hero Mother, copyright belongs to the original author


In general, I was able to get the favor of Junjun and Jinzhu, and I was very satisfied with receiving this high-value tricycle. Especially for the age and height of the baggage, we can also use it for a long time, which is very suitable for visiting the park, walking the dog, and replacing the baby carriage when it is lightly hiking, so that the baby can easily experience the joy of playing.

Different from the advantages of other brands:

1. The highest value. Whether it's texture or color, this stroller is the cutest and most fashionable I have ever seen. The family has saved the Galaxy in the last life. There are beautiful little public numbs. Don’t miss the brown-pink or macarons.

2. Equivalent to zero installation. This car is the best choice when you are not at home for a long time, or if you don't have any hands-on ability. . .

3. Light weight, small size, portable and easy to store. Even the compact car's trunk or rear seat can be placed, full size, SUV or mini Van. Don't worry too much at home.

4. Safe and reliable. The safety bar can effectively prevent the child from falling; the pedals can prevent the ankles of the ankles from being placed; the front wheel lock allows the child to master the pedaling rhythm.


1. The price is not beautiful. Lotte sells ¥13,800, and the US official website sells for $260. It is a bit expensive for a stroller.

2. The scope of application is small. Because it is a folding car, it is significantly smaller in volume than other brands. The description in the official description can be used up to 4-5 years old, which is theoretical. In fact, a child who is a little taller may not be able to play well after three years of age.

3. The turning bar is not particularly flexible, straight and big radius turning is no problem, but small radius turning and reversing is a bit uncomfortable.

Therefore, I hope that ramie can be chosen according to the actual situation of the family. RF as a national brand is a very good choice, especially after the private order, providing more possibilities, the price is also appropriate, is the size. But the family who is not bad money can completely consider iimo this car, win from the value of the face, walking on the road must be the most eye-catching baby.




iimo, a Japanese kid's tricycle with a combination of stylish outlook and practical functions

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Iimo, a Japanese child car with a combination of face value and practicality
 By Joyce Le

In a blink of an eye, our little fat man is one and a half years old. My shopping list has been transferred from the small baby cart to the tricycle for young children. Whether it's a cart or a tricycle that is used in a baby's life, I've been looking for the best stroller tricycle.  In no more than a year, I received four carriers, from the most practical Chicco Bravo to the ultra-lightweight Mountain Buggy Nano, to the somewhat cool Bentley six-in-one tricycle, the choice of strollers. I am quite experience now.

Image from Joyce Le, copyright belongs to the original author

Today, I and my little fat baby unpacked and evaluated the iimo children's tricycle that was awarded the fourth KIDS DESIGN AWARD design award in Japan.


Image from Joyce Le, copyright belongs to the original author

iimo is a well-known kid's tricycle brand from Japan, and Japan's first life aesthetic tricycle designed by Japan M&M Co., Ltd. The design is very cute and fresh, and is super Japanese feel.

Image from Joyce Le, copyright belongs to the original author

Installation is very simple, it is the fastest one I have ever experienced. Just put on the push handle and unfold tricycle, which takes 3 minutes.

Image from Joyce Le, copyright belongs to the original author

This tricycle is designed for young children and can be used as long as the baby can sit alone. 6-18 months old, use the care mode, install the push handle to put down the safety bar, adults can use the handle to push the baby out to play; the age of 18-24 months adopts the growth mode, buckle the safety bar, the baby rides himself.  When the baby is 30-36 months, you can remove the safety bar and the push handle, and the baby rides alone.

Its color and design are very much like children's favorite, I just got the hand to take out the door and deeply attracted the children's eyeballs.


Image from Joyce Le, copyright belongs to the original author

My Little fat man and girlfriend also had a fight to grab this tricycle...Ring your own bell, in addition to adding fun, children can also remind parents when they are in danger.

IMG_9830 copy.jpg

I really like the design of its tires, it is very quiet, even if you are riding indoors, it will not be noisy. Moreover, the front wheel has a safety lock, press the lock button, and advance without resistance to prevent damage to the baby's ankle. The baby wants to ride his own bike and open the lock button. The baby can control the strength of the front wheel, which is more convenient and reliable.

Image from Joyce Le, copyright belongs to the original author
Image from Joyce Le, copyright belongs to the original author

In addition, the middle of the tire is not hollowed out, and there is no fear that the baby's feet will be trapped.

Image from Joyce Le, copyright belongs to the original author

Image from Joyce Le, copyright belongs to the original author

In contrast, Bentley's hollow wheel is quite dangerous. The little fat man sometimes intentionally put is feet in the hollowed wheel.

For a baby who is still too young to cycling, there is also a footrest that can be placed on both feet.

Image from Joyce Le, copyright belongs to the original author

The second place that is very good is that this tricycle is very light. The Bentley tricycle that I have closest to it is much heavier than it, and must be implemented with both hands. And iimo can be easily controlled with one hand. Although it is very light, but it is also very stable, there is no danger of "overturning".


Even a one-and-a-half-year-old little fat man can push it with one hand and walk straight.

Most tricycles on the market can't be folded, but this one can be folded. It’s a good time to take a spring trip in the trunk! My car is a Lexus RX350, and the trunk is similar to most SUVs. The iimo stroller can be easily placed in a place similar to the lightweight Mountain Buggy Nano. Bentley, which has the most similar function, can't be folded at all. In comparison, its usage is greatly increased.

Image from @, copyright belongs to the original author

In the end, I compared the original three-wheeled cart and the iimo three-wheeled cart in my hand. In fact, iimo is superior in many aspects.

IMG_9839 copy.jpg

Because it can be folded and small, it greatly improves its usability.

The outlook is very cute and fresh, and very Japanese color. Bentley is a cool design, so I gave the same score.

The smoothness of iimo is the most amazing thing for me! Small in size, easy to push, but at the same time smooth. Although the two cars vary in size and weight, the capacity is similar. It's not comparable to the super-packable Chicco Bravo, but it's okay to put a coat and a hat, and it's enough to go out.

The price is iimo $260, which is a medium price, Bently $450, which is a medium high price.

Finally, I compared the additional accessories. In this respect, Bentley has to win a lot. It comes with an awning and a small bag, and the rear storage position has a lid. iimo has two options for shading: First, you can buy additional umbrellas in Taobao, you can get it within 100 RMB. Second, buy a $280 upgraded version of the tricycle, which comes with an awning. In addition, Bentley's seat belts, the chairs are all covered with cushions, the comfort will be higher, but the summer will be more stuffy.

In light of the above aspects, I feel that iimo is better and more cost-effective. The only drawback is that there are no accessories with sunshade.


iimo 2 | The dream tricycle

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Iimo 2 | The dream tricycle

iimo 2 | The dream tricycle

By  Moricat
Review report


First of all, I would like to thank the evaluation opportunity given by Dealmoon, let us know the iimo brand, and use such a great product, it seems to open the door of the new world! Below we directly on the picture to prove how outstanding the iimo children's tricycle!


When I received the parcel, I looked at it. It looked quite big, because the part prediction was also taken apart, but it was light, only 7kg (15.4 lbs)! After it was opened, I was shocked. There are only two parts , the body of the tricycle and the push handle! Take it out directly, no effort at all! So it shows that the car is smaller than the box!

The box clearly indicates that it is made in Taiwan.
Product packaging box inside
tricycle and push handle 

The manual only has two sheets of paper, which explains all the steps that do not need to be installed by tools . It only needs to be moved by the buttons on the parts to unfold the car and put the push arm on it. It is very simple! (I just opened the tricycle without even reading the instructions)


There is a switch near the storage basket behind the seat, and the whole car is rotated when the car is turned.


The brown position above the basket can be opened. Unscrew the screw and remove the cover. Then insert the push arm. The design of this cover is very good. If you don't need the push handle, it will be directly locked, and rain or dust will not enter this position. The push arm can also be stretched, just press the button above and turn the push arm.

Push on the push arm;

There is a closed pedal under the seat. When the child needs to rest their little feet, the switch can be pulled and the pedal can be opened upwards. When not needed, pull the switch again to close it up.


Another more intimate design is that the wheels are completely enclosed. You don't have to worry about your child's feet being stuck in, it's safe ! When the child does not want to step on the car, he can lock the wheel. Pay attention to the button in the figure below. Press it in and you can lock the wheel. Pull the long bar switch to unlock it. This prevents the child from riding the tricycle away when the parents are not paying attention. . . Drive away! Hahaha....


The cushion is leather and the small butt is very comfortable . The wheel is rubbery, very thick, and it feels quite stable when sitting and pushing !


There is also a cute little trumpet in front of the seat. The sound is not big or harsh. The child can use it as a toy. My little cutie has been playing very happy haha!


Look at the whole picture of the car, really love! It's exactly the size of a box (420 x 780 x 830mm, which is 16.5 x 30.7 x 32.7"), not as big as other tricycles!


Put it behind the car like this:


Street beat

In addition to the intimate practical design, I really love the design of iimo! It looks so stylish and you can easily take a photo shot in whatever angles, absolutely eye-catching ah ~


Do you see the safety bar in front of my little cutie ? This is a device that can be disassembled separately to protect the child from falling. There is a button on the Safety bar. Press it in and you can move the safety bar up. It is convenient for children to enter and exit. And wrapped in leather material, not afraid of hitting the baby!


The child is standing on the pedals for rest and there is absolutely no problem. It is stable~


The hand steer is also rubbery, and the texture is perfect for children to hold tight but comfortable.


The small basket behind the seat can be used to put small items (toys, water, small snacks, etc.), so that you can go out for a walk at any time~


The push handle is also free to control the direction, and it is easy to operate from left to right!



Before I knew the iimo brand, we bought a very popular and highly rated old brand Radioflyer 4 in one, although the price is relatively cheap, but it does not feel good at all! It’s so cumbersome that it’s difficult to control. Although there are small awnings, many positions can’t be covered, and the key point is: it can’t be stored! The whole car is like this, and it is too stationed. It is totally inconvenient to take it out. The basket behind the seat is also small and can't hold anything. The child's sitting position did not feel very comfortable, anyway, my little cutie did not like it. . .


to sum up

super! Invincible! very! Recommend this iimo, the best product in our public test is correct! In addition to red, there is a very cute pink, if you want a canopy, there are other models available on the official website, you can check it out


What are you waiting for! Purchase please click: 


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 Release mother's hands | Push Car, Walker to Paddle Bike, iimo 2nd generation foldable children's tricycle

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Liberation mother's hands | 遛 、, toddler multi-purpose, iimo 2 generation foldable children's tricycle
Maternal baby

Release mother's hands | Push car, walker to paddle bke, iimo 2nd generation foldable children's tricycle

The mystery of Prague
Public report


This is the first time I applied for a product other than kitchen appliances. The first time I wrote a test other than food, I felt quite fresh! Checked the Internet, this iimo folding tricycle sold first in Japan, a little surprised! I am looking forward to unpacking and inspecting it! I am very grateful to the folding children's tricycle provided by Kim, and the trust and support of Junjun. Let's take a look at the feelings used in these two days~

✨Product introduction✨

Image from the network, copyright belongs to the original

This iimo 2 generation children's tricycle is suitable for children from 8 to 36 months and is suitable for heights of 78-100cm. The tricycle of children's tricycles weighs 15 pounds. Japan imported, made in Taiwan, the use of non-toxic environmentally friendly materials is the guarantee of quality, baby use, peace of mind for mothers. Foldable and intimate design, with the baby out of peace of mind and effort, can be used to learn the baby, a multi-purpose car, release the mother's hands.

Open the box and detail ✨

Picture from the mystery of Prague

The parcel was received this Tuesday, and the children were busy at home these days, so that they checked out last night and the package was safe. The first impression is good.

Picture from the mystery of Prague

The car can be installed in 3 simple steps! The first step: press the switch button, you can easily open the tricycle ~

Picture from the mystery of Prague

The second step: put the control direction rod, the screw can be fixed ~

Picture from the mystery of Prague

The third step: the small safety baron the seat, there is a small button, which can be adjusted according to the baby's needs. Compared with the small baby, the small saftey bar on the seat can prevent the baby from slipping off the seat or preventing it. Energetic babies run around, and older babies don't need it! You can adjust the small safety bar to the back~

Picture from the mystery of Prague

The push handle behind the car can easily control the direction of the car~ The baby is tired, and the tricyle can be controlled by the parents. This design is quite intimate!

Picture from the mystery of Prague

The security lock is set and the protection is in the details. Press the button to lock the pedal to idle and rotate without resistance. Press the button again to open the bicycle and control the front wheel.

Picture from the mystery of Prague

The cute bell-bell speaker design is more suitable for the baby. Comfortable and soft seat, fit the baby's butt and backrest, so that the baby is comfortable. There is also a storage basket on the back of the car, which can put your baby's toys and clothes in a very intimate design.

Picture from the mystery of Prague

The foot pedal can be adjusted according to the baby's needs. The smaller baby can step on the foot pedal and control the direction of the hand lever to control the car.

Image from the network, copyright belongs to the original

Folding design, can be placed in the trunk, storage is more convenient ~

Picture from the mystery of Prague

✨ baby demonstration map✨

Picture from the mystery of Prague

A few demonstration pictures, the baby is 3 years old this year, the height is 100cm, this folding tricycle may be a little small for my baby, barely able to ride this summer, I think it is more suitable for the baby under 3 years old.

Picture from the mystery of Prague

However, the little guy still loves it. When he opens the box and sees this folding tricycle, he can't wait to ride. The children are curious about the new things.

Picture from the mystery of Prague

Looked good, even took a few shots, the little guy is quite a match!

Picture from the mystery of Prague

I look left to look at the right, do not look at the camera, Ma Ma said that this is more natural hahahaha

Picture from the mystery of Prague
Picture from the mystery of Prague

It seems that the little guy is happy! Driving a new car to pick up a girl!

✨Comparative product comparison chart✨


A good Radio Flyer tricycle bike at home is compared to the iimo's folding children's tricycle.

The Radio Flyer children's tricycle comes from a word of mouth in the United States. This is suitable for children aged 2-6, with simple and comfortable design and very good quality. But there is no folding design.

The iimo 2 generation folding tricycle is suitable for babies from 8 to 36 months. The design will be more intimate, foldable, more convenient to store - there is a bell design, and a basket-proof design, and the use of non-toxic environmentally friendly materials is the guarantee of quality, the baby is safe to use.


Both have their own advantages, depending on your baby's age~ Now my family's age may be more suitable for the Radio Flyer tricycle.

Let's take about the pros and corns


First: folding design, storage is more convenient

Second: the use of natural safe non-toxic materials, the baby is more assured

Third: Intimate guardrail design to prevent the baby from falling

Fourth: There is a push rod design behind the car, which can control the car to go

Fifth: the color is simple and gentle, the lines are simple and smooth

💗 Disadvantages💗

First: the price is high

Second: not for older kids 

✨ Use feelings✨

After observing the use of these two days, the baby still likes this! It is recommended to use baby under 3 years old. It is recommended to pay attention to the safety of materials. This natural and non-toxic material is more comfortable to use, and has a folding design. It is more convenient to store, and it is easy to go out and help to liberate. Mom's hands.


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 iimo Special Tricycle

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[Public test] iimo 遛娃 special car
By Baby panda
Public report

This iimo tricycleis really a good timing, my kid just at the stage when I can use the tricycle. I originally wanted to give him a baby stroller, but I don’t want to buy it. The space is so limited, and finally choose to give up, just selected by iimo's public test, it is simply moving and happy! The first time I was selected, the writing may not be very complete. I hope that you don't sneeze!

【brand introduction】

iimo is a well-known tircycle brand in Japan. Japan M&M Co., Ltd. was founded in 1948 in Osaka, Japan. Since 1986, it has been focusing on children's bicycles and children's products. Japan's first life aesthetic tricycle designed by M&M Co., Ltd. combines aesthetics, mechanics and child safety to make the car look more elegant and textured, making it the classic model of choice. The iimo stroller style design is obtained. Japan's fourth [KIDS DESIGN AWARD] design award, which accounts for 40% of the Japanese baby carriage market.

Although iimo is a Japanese brand, iimo tricycles are also produced in Taiwan factories. They are qualified by the Taiwan Toy Center and the Standards Inspection Bureau. They are the National Quality Certification Center (CQC) National 3C Certification and the Japan Safe Consumer Goods Association (CPSA) SG Certification. , use safe and non-toxic environmentally friendly materials, quality assurance. The iimo tricycle has ten patents.

product manual:

🌟Applicable age 18m-5years

🌟Applicable height 77-100cm

🌟 weight 15lb

🌟Color choice red, white, brown!

🌟 priced at 260

🌟 Simple installation and storage, three parts!

🌟 All use non-toxic materials, Ma Ma bought the rest assured, the baby is happy!

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【 Product out of the box】

Picture comes baby panda
Picture comes baby panda
Picture comes baby panda
Picture comes baby panda

Open the box and look around, very simple structure, not very complicated, iimo's cart, the back of the hand push stick, and a manual, but I did not read the instructions at all, it is really very simple, no By 5 minutes, I can understand the structure of the whole car! For Ma Ma, even if Dad is not at home, it can be easily done.

[Unpacking experience & product comparison]

I bought the Radio flyer's car for my baby. I bought it at walmart. If I remember it correctly, it should be $99. I also chose this car after watching it for a long time. This time I will compare this car with everyone. The difference between, and practicality!

The installation process of the iimo home is a worry-free and time-saving process. Just put the handlebars on the handle and install them tightly! Easy to get it!

Picture comes baby panda

After the hand push bar is installed, the button in the middle is pressed, and the push bar can be folded back and forth to be freely loaded! !

Picture comes baby panda

In the corner of the tricycle, you can see a rotating button with open, press the direction of the open finger, hold it, and then push the car out, the car will open!

Picture comes baby panda

The bottom of the car is the foot pedal, pull it directly, then you can open the pedal. It is suitable for a small baby and will not step on the bicycle. The foot is not long enough, you can step on it, then Dad Ma Ma will help push Sitting and walking!

Picture comes baby panda

If the baby can ride on his own, the back pusher can also choose not to install, or do not need to open, the baby can ride and play! This car is installed like this, it is completely difficult, easy to install, and it is easy to master.

Iimo installation speed: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Picture comes baby panda

Radio Flyer introduced it when I first bought it. I really loved it at the time. Now I think about it. At the time, I installed it for an hour, because it really needs to take away and say good. I studied each step. At the time, I installed the wrong place. It was difficult to remove it when I re-opened it. I remember that I had to get it back and forth for at least an hour before I installed it!

Installation speed: 🌟

Here I skipped the introduction of its installation process, I really can't open it to reinstall and take photos... It's terrible! Plus, now that I have removed some things, I have forgotten where I put them!

Radio Fyler:

🌟Apply to baby 9m-5years!

🌟 🌟 99 (it seems to be bought at this price)

If you take the door, the space in the car is a bit big.

🌟 equipped with guardrails and pedals, as long as the baby does not fall, you can sit and walk!

🌟 equipped with a parasol

🌟Color choice pink, red!

The current stage of the cart has been removed by me under the pedals, next to the guardrail! Try to let 🐼baby learn to step on the bicycle, but I feel that her strength is not enough, step on it a few times, step on it! For the time being, let's wait a little longer for her to try again!

Picture comes baby panda

【product comparison】

Let me talk about the space storage of the two cars. After the Radio Flyer is installed, it can't be folded and folded, so how big is the car after it is assembled, how big is it, I compare it with iimo, iimo will be about three points smaller than the radio flyer. One of the spaces, plus the iimo out of the rear compartment, may be more convenient and save space!

Radio flyer space storage index: 🌟🌟

Iimo space storage index: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Picture comes baby panda

The two pedals in the front pedal are the same structure and design, but iimo has a new design, and there is a small button design on the wheel. (I forgot to take pictures here, I found a picture on the Internet. ) The world's exclusive foot off hook: When the hook button is pressed, the pedals will not be afraid to hit the baby's feet!

Picture comes baby panda
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This is 🐼baby some time ago, try to let her ride on the pedals, but she will only look like, I will stroll, her feet will fall, and then will be beaten by the pedals, so I feel Iimo's decoupling button is still very intimate here, and it won't be hit back and forth at all!

Picture comes baby panda

The design of the iimo front is equipped with a small speaker. When the baby pinches it, it will make a sound. The front of the radio flyer is a small space with a small cup and a snack. The small cup can hold the cup for the baby. I really like this design. I feel that I can give my baby something to solve the problem, and go out for a walk without temper!

Picture comes baby panda

The design of the seats of the two cars is very different. The design of the radio flyer has a certain degree, and the seat is a hard bottom! Iimo's seat design, I may prefer it a little more, because it is very intimate to design a soft cushion for the baby, even if you sit for a long time pp will not hurt (people think)

The radio flyer's seat is small and spit, because the seat is a bit of a design. At the beginning of the baby's seat, it has not yet reached a stable position. The buttocks still slide down because the foot pedals are not supported by the feet. Later, I taught a lot more!

Picture comes baby panda
Picture comes baby panda

The iimo home's guardrail design is very convenient, a button to get everything, you can fold at will! Don't worry if you can't find it after you remove it!

Picture comes baby panda

This is the time when the baby was about 9 months old. At that time, she was able to sit down by the guardrail without falling. Now I have forgotten it after I removed it! I really like the place where the pedals are, because its design is very intimate, and there is a larger design in front. The baby will not slip off when they are there, and they can support the body!

Picture comes baby panda

The iimo's pedals feel a little smaller, and there may be feelings of being unsteady and slipping, which can be slightly improved! 😄

Picture comes baby panda

Both cars have small rear compartments that can hold things, but in contrast I prefer the radio flyer's lid design, because when I go out for a walk, I put the phone, the keys in the car, or occasionally bring the baby's things, I feel like this won't fall out!

Picture comes baby panda

Here are a few points about the advantages of the Radio flyer. I like it. Its umbrella design is really good, because the summer baby is really easy to tan, and it takes a few days to walk down the whole. Don't want to be black! There is also a seat belt design on the seat. Although there is already a guardrail design, it feels more secure after wearing the seat belt, because the baby is repeatedly standing on the chair and then climbing on the pedal below. Come out, tie the seat belt, she will wait for it and can't escape! The last is the shrinking design of the hand push bar, the type of rotation, it feels very convenient to get it by hand! These points are my thoughts on iimo that can be slightly considered in the next generation to add to the new car!

Picture comes baby panda

Today, I want to let 🐼baby sit and take a few photos of everyone, but she is completely out of control. The speed of escape is very fast. In the end, I can only pull the younger brother who I don’t understand. The younger brother is now 9 Months, sitting up is quite steady, but occasionally the ass moves and feels like you will get rid of it!

Picture comes baby panda

My brother is curious, where am I, who am I... Hey! In general, iimo is a car I like very much! I am going to store this car for my brother, so I have not removed all the bags of the above photos, I am afraid that it will be dirty after being removed!

Picture comes baby panda
Picture comes baby panda
Picture comes baby panda

[write to the end]

In fact, I highly recommend Ma Ma to buy iimo this car, go out and put the car convenient, retractable, not much space, the style is also good-looking, although a little expensive, but the texture and all aspects of the feeling are worth the price!

Finally, I can't be embarrassed. Thanks to the sponsors. Thanks to the dealmoon for letting me get the super practical things for the first time, thank you! Refills!

The first time I write, the ambiguity and the insufficiency of the place I hope everyone... don’t blow, don’t laugh, thank you very much after reading!