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 iimo tricycle

 The iimo tricycle combines aesthetic, mechanics, and reliability to ensure your child is going out safely and in style. It offers the perfect balance of classic retro design, safety features, and foldability for easy storage. Able to transform as your child grows, perfect for use at home or outdoor.  Buy Now

iimo tricycle

Winner of Harper’s Bazaar Toy Awards 2016 – Best for Motor Skills (Toddler 12-36 months category), Kids Design Award and JIDA Museum Selection. Accredited by United State ASTM F963-16, Japanese and European safety standards and EN71 certified.   Buy Now


Feature Highlights:

Easily Folded

The tricycle can be easily folded by turning one button. The canopy can also be folded or removed.  Space saving & easy storage for minimalists.



One Hand Steering Control

The push handle also acts as a steering control.  You can easily control the direction you would like to take.  The handle bar can be folded in to half for easy storage.


Removable sunshade

96% UV protection


Foldable Foot Rest

Your little one can rest their feet on the foldable foot rest until they are able to pedal on their own


Pedal Free Mechanism

The pedals remain stationary when it is locked.  Your little one can rest their feet on the pedals while you push them along to avoid being caught.

Cushioned Safety Bar

The cushioned safety bar protects your child from falling off.  No worry even your child falls asleep on the trike!


Multi-functional Tricycle

As your child grows, this tricycle can be transformed as well by removing the safety bar & steer handle. From a walker to hand tricycle and to a paddle tricycle

    • Tricycle Weight: 16.3 lbs
    • Weight Limit: 55 lbs
    • Suitable for 1 years to 3 years 
    • Full Size: 16.5" x 30.7" x 38"
    • Folded Size: 16.5" x 18.9" x 27.6"

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 Customer Reviews:


 By Danielle:  Original Post

 "After comparing the tricycles of many brands on the market, I finally chose this brown iimo folding tricycle. For my face-controlled mother, I really fell in love with it at first sight. The appearance is both retro and concise. I think the brown is more noble and elegant than the classic red and white. Coupled with this Japanese-made helmet, it is simply amazing.

The beauty is high, and the usage rate is high. Because it is easy to carry and fold, it is easy to control with one hand when going out, and it will not be in a hurry. It maintains my always noble and elegant image.

The price is a bit high, but I think it will be useful when I give birth to my second treasure in the future. I bought it for a good texture, and the Japanese design has nothing to say. The more I use it, the more I feel it is very intimate. There are many subtle designs and considerate care. Seeing the happy smiling face every time the baby sits on it, I feel that it is worth the money!"  Buy Now


 By ting321  Original Post 


  "The beauty value exceeds the standard の iimo tricycle
When I first saw this car, I was already tempted to buy one, but the baby was not born at that time~ Later, I saw DM pushing this car and there was discount! I don’t hesitate to take it for granted. I still like this classic red most.

The installation is very simple, it can be installed in two minutes. I would never read the manual again. The easy-to-understand drawing quality is the same as the face value. The baby is only 6 months old and can’t wait to let the baby try it. The baby likes to press the horn in the middle of the car. Going out for a baby walk, I feel excited thinking about it! Very recommended to buy iimo tricycle"  Buy Now


東尼爸 By Tony Original Post


"iimo tricycle, a fashion toy for parents and children
The product is too popular, although there are very few fathers selling goods here, I can't bear to publish it.

In the middle of the year, I was looking for a gift for my child’s one-year-old birthday. My friend posted a post from the North American Money Saver, recommending me to buy this Japanese tricycle. After using it for a few months, it is really practical and beautiful. For a dad who pursues fashion, it is indeed a godsend. When the car is bought, there is no need to install it at all. Before, I heard that a friend bought Radio Flyer and spent the whole afternoon to install it. This car really saves time. Compared to other local brands, although the price is a bit higher, it still feels worthwhile. Regardless of the design, materials, appearance, and practicality, it is not comparable to other general brands in the market. I believe this car can be used by my son, three or four years old. The car is of good quality, can be folded, saves space, and the materials are easy to clean. I believe that when my son is older in two years, he can give it to relatives and friends or sell it second-hand. There should be some value."  Buy Now


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