iimo Tricycle is coming to USA! A real product review

Are you looking for a perfect tricycle for your little one? 

It is not easy to find a good one in the market if you are looking for both design and quality, iimo is the brand that I highly recommend after using it for more than 3 years!

The design is the most outstanding among all the local brands, iimo tricycle was the winner for the 4th KIDS DESIGN AWARD. The Japan Industrial Designers’ Association “JIDA DESIGN MUSEUM SELECTION Vol.15” Selected Product.  And HARPER BAZAAR Junior Toy Awards 2016 (Singapore).

iimo is designed by Japan, made in Taiwan.  Accredited by United State ASTM F963-16, Japanese and European safety standards and EN71 certified. 

It is said that iimo has a 40% market share in Japan. The stylish look and life aesthetics is appealing for new generation parents.

Well, at first glance, you will be attracted by iimo's design-inspired styling. The design is simple and the color is warm, I fall in love with it at first glance.  iimo's ergonomic wisdom, provide a comfortable riding experience for babies at different growth stages.

After unpacking, you only need very limited assemble with few big accessories, while most people can fix it within 10 min. Because the material is environmentally friendly, there is no strange smell.  When the baby is still small, and the footrest and the safety bar are fully loaded; When your kid grows and more familiar with riding, you can fold the footrest, lift the safety bar, and remove the steering handle.

Some of the functional highlights:

@Steering handle can be turned around to help the baby control the direction of the handlebar; of course, safety is priority, the angle of rotation is not too large, and adults may feel inconvenient to operate at first, in fact, it is anti-dumping (the car with too much corner). The steering handle is free to adjust the height, which is around 75-89 cm

@ The safety bar is covered by a sponge and opened from the back button of the seat to facilitate the baby to get on and off. When the baby is still small, just like mother’s hand embraces the baby, it provides extra comfort.

@ The footrest of the tricycle can be adjusted with the height of the baby. When the baby is too small, the baby's foot can't reach the pedals. Just push the footrest forward and the baby can easily put the foot on it; when the baby can ride the bike by himself, we can put away the footrest by only one button.

@ Safety lock, the front wheel's safety lock is a design highlight, the pedals remain stationary when it is locked, your little one can rest their feet on the pedals while you push them a long to avoid being caught.

The recommended label on the iimo body is between one and a half years old up to five years old  The some sellers suggest eight months to three years old (68-100cm). The key thing is to look at the height of your baby. 

iimo is now developed into the second generation of foldable tricycles. It is more convenient to travel with a car, and even can hand carry on plane. It is light, foldable in a few seconds, easy to clean with sleek surface and very durable.  My kids have been enjoy their iimo bikes since 12 months and is still using them and they are more than 4 years old now!



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