How To Choose the Right Tricycle for Your Little One

There are variety of models and features for children tricycles. But not all of them are suitable for your child, here are the basic principles you need to consider when you choose the first tricycle for your kid:

1. Make sure to buy product from a renowned brand name for baby and kid's products with good track record, so that the quality and safety are guaranteed;

2. The height of the tricycle is such that after the child is seated,  the legs can be reached to the front of the car;

3. The handles can not be far from the seat, nor can it be too low, so as to prevent the child from riding on the upper body and kneeling on the handles, affecting the development of the child's spine;

4. The seat must be comfortable, breathable, soft, preferably a round seat;

5. You can install a car bell on the small tricycle, let the children learn to use the car bell to alert others;

6. Do not choose a handlebar with a lot of decoration, this is easy to distract your child's attention when riding on the tricycle;

7. The various components of the tricycle must be installed firmly not to easily fall apart;

8. It is best to choose tricycles with parental steering handles, or can lock the tricycle's wheels, so it is not easy to slide down the slope;

9. Make sure the materials are safe non toxic for kids, as when small kids ride on the tricycle, you can't avoid them to touch or even bite on the tricycle

10. Choose tricycle which can allow handlebars and seat to be adjusted, so that the tricycle can adapt to the child's different grow stages.

Last but not the least, a stylish and beautifully design tricycle enhance your joyful experience when riding with your kid!

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